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For many months I found myself writing down snatches of ongoing conversations on a pad of paper.  I found this was a great way to jump-start my own poetry-writing.

This little exercise soon became an obsession as little nuggets of gold spilled from the mouths of friends and family, and ended up in my notebook.

I soon realized while jotting down these inklings and phrases, that they tended to come to a quirky conclusion, thus rendering them into “Air Poetry.”  Like a vast reservoir of words, these poems have always been available to all of us as an ongoing collective stream-of-consciousness, but not all of us have thought to write them down.  You can take phrases from one person or a bunch of people.  The ensuing poems can be quite entertaining.

Some are short and pithy.  Some are elegant.  Some are passionate.  Some are funny.  They are fragments of life, tidbits of history, contemporary pictographs which can be recorded on paper or digitally.

As I began to explain this new concept to friends and even strangers, I knew I was onto something big as EVERYONE loved the idea.  My friend, Connie, even grabbed a pencil and wrote this one that I call “Connie’s Air Poem:”

Connie’s Air Poem
Did you make it?
Eaten alive.
It’s yummy.
How in the hell do you walk in those?
You should write that down.
Tape worm from South America.
What about that?
I love food.


I believe the applications of this observational type of poetry could be enormous.  Think of it as an exercise in poetry-writing classes for everyone from children to inmates at prisons.  Or as a party game.

So I started this website with the thought of sharing my idea with the world so we can all learn how to harness the poems that are hovering in the air like little ring-sized boxes filled with startling gifts.

Please feel free to comment with your own special Air Poetry.

Also, come and visit our Facebook page:  Air Poetry on Facebook

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. I have always loved writing poetry. and Have been doing so for over half of my lifetime . So this is something I know how to do. I can also write from someone struggles or experience or just a little bit of info from them, and they come out so fast. When I do them. So looking at things this way will really be interesting and in some ways quite amusing I hope loads of people find you. I found this page through my facebook account. I hope you can keep this open for a long time. Then a lot more friends can find you as well. Thanks for having someplace for us to come in and laugh or give a blast of thoughts for you as well. Enjoy the moments of life that take your breath away and leave your heart full of joy, and always learn for those moments that stop you cold and darkness hovers over head. As those moment a lot of things can come to life and bring new thoughts to mind. I really write my brightest cheerful moment when my darkest days are going on. Then write my darkest poems during my happiest days. . As when it is darkest around me and sadness hands over my head. I write about how I hope to feel once it has past over me. Then when things are calm I can write about what was going on during those bad time by reflecting upon it with clear eyes and a fresh mind. Knowing I made it through .

    Again thanks for your pages , they are interesting ….

  2. Hi Patty

    Yesterday I sent a poem to “LinkedIn” called Parking Lot Drama. I wanted to use it for Air Poetry, but I didn’t know until today that Air Poetry was on a separate site. So if you could consider using it for Air Poetry, perhaps it might fit in.
    Marian Veverka

  3. Oh thank you Christy! That’s very sweet!!! It is my hope (and observation lately) that Air Poetry is going to be Of the People, For the People and By the People – which is so cool. Thanks for being a part of it!

    • I am pleased to be a part of the Air Poetry project Patty. I like that you often look to others for the poems and there is a feeling of companionship and teamwork. Good job!

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